Day 11:: Hurm..

By saya_iza - February 04, 2011

Xtau ek. Feeling like lazy giler. Keje berlambak ni. Tapi MALAS!! Stop facebooking la weh. My Mr.BF sket punye rajin wat dia asssignment. Nape aku ni? After result previous sem kuar, aku jadi cam worst giler. Sume benda jadi cam mals je. Nape ni iza? Are you ok? Only two days left. Lusa dah nk go back to Melaka. Arggghhh!! What happened to me? What have i done? Why i'm being such a lazy person? Why? Why? Damn stupid. Dahla. Nak try wat keje pape yang patut. OFFLINE. -.-'

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