Day 25:: OMG!

By saya_iza - March 10, 2011

Assalamualikum. Today baru nak share last time punya pic during my roommate's birthday.
Ni la some of the pics yang kitorang dapat snap malam tu. Actually there are lots more, tapi too slow la nak upload. Hahah.
Regarding to the title above, wah cam nak bikin surat rasmi je. Hahah. Xdela. Actually, this coming friday gonna be my excited terlebih day, my menggeglabah day, my teruja day, my nervous day and many more la. Why a? because i'm gonna meet my future in-law family. Waaaaa! So takut! What gonna happen la nanti agaknya. Huhuhu. His sister invite me for a kenduri, so mestila I will go kn? hahaha. So terjadila hari2 that i already state above.
Ok la, gtg. Assalamualaikum~

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