Day 28:: ^_^V

By saya_iza - March 18, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Hai! Heheh. excited pulak. Actually i have done my quiz. Coding ok? Quite difficult la. But after my MR.Bf willing to help me. All the difficulties gone. Yea! Hehhe. Thanks dear, love ya! <3 Alhamdulillah. No more worries. Just got few works to do. Typing part. Argh! This one quite tough. I don't really like making sentences. Tengok je la ayat aku camne. Serabut kot. Konon nak speaking. hahah. I don't care. Atleast i try to improve myself kn? Ok la tuh. (: Ok la. Tu je nak share. But really happy sebab coding tu buat sendiri. Even my MR.Bf tolong, tapi dia bukan tolong sume. The one who think how it gonna works is me. Heheh. So glad to have him. Thanks again. Ok la. Nite all. Assalamualikum.

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