Day 29:: Hijab

By saya_iza - March 18, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Hye. Recently I have watched few vids related to hijab style. Got some people with their own hijab's style and making a tutorial and posted it on youtube. Wondering how they can wear it like that. But it's really a style. Sangat style. And very simple to wear. Sesuaila untuk mereka2 yang malas nk pakai tudung kn. :P but what if wear like them? Errr. Maunye ade orng lari tengok aku. Hahahha. Actually boleh je. It depend on the person, how she gonna style it kn? Untuk aku, maybe need very long time nak try pakai macam tu. Hehehe. So here some vids that i already watched. All from Hana Tajima. Enjoy! Assalamualaikum~


p/s: She is really cute. ^_^V FYI, she is a fashion designer.

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  1. banyak je yang comel aku tgk pkai tdung camni..suka aku tgk...tapi pemakaian semua itu bergantung pada niat...cewah...:P

  2. ecece. awek ko pkai tudung cmni ke? heheh