Day 32:: What happened to me?

By saya_iza - March 21, 2011

Assalamualaikum. Hye. Hurm. Today I just got my result for Test 2 Network. Damn worst! How I can get very low marks? Memangla aku xpandai mana, tapi kenapa worst sangat? This is for your future Iza. Even the Test you cannot get good results, how about your final exams? Arrgghhh!!! Stress! Feeling like want to lie down on street and let the car crash on me. ):

So, I try to heal my worries and my sadness. I find some pictures that really help me feel better. Not really better la, just ok la for now.

It's really true, my so-worst-marks-for-TEST2 are not the reason for me to give up. I should improving myself with my mistakes.

This is always happened to me, so why i have to think it negatively?

I have to believe in myself that I still can do the best for the next time. (:

I don't have to be sad because at the same time the reason I cannot get the best is because of my own self. So, I should think it positively and be happy for other people success.

So, the conclusions are:

1. Don't easily get stress
2. Don't give up
3. Think positive
4. Be happy

P/s: Hope any of my friend can feel better too after reading this (:

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