Day 36:: Jom masak!

By saya_iza - April 04, 2011

Assalamualaikum and a very good-hot-night! So I'm here to share a recipe that i create by myself. But it is strictly for only those people yg very xtau what he/she wanna eat at night. :P This recipe is called nugchesead
Ok, first thing first, all of you gonna need this:

This is our main ingredient, tak kisahla korang nk pkai nugget ayam ke, lembu ke, kambing ke. As long as it is nugget. Nak gula ayam then gorng pon ok jgk. But i haven't try it yet, so i don't know what taste it gonna be. Depends on you la ye. Oh ye, don't foget to goreng it first la. Jangan la pulak makan mentah2. Hehehe.
Then, we gonna need:

While the chicken nugget still hot, put 1 piece of chesdale then gaul. Hahahaha. It smells good, seriously. You can use as many cheese you want. As long as you can still eat it.
Next is:

Roti! It doesn't fix to choose this gardenia punye roti. Kat Malaysia ni kan banyak jenis roti. So, kesian la kat roti2 lain kalau you all amik yang ni je. Ok? Choose wisely. :p This roti kena potong segiempat kecik2. Dependsla, if you can turn it into circle it will be more creative kn? I just can make it square. :P Gaulkn jugak dengan bahan2 yg sebelum ni ok?
For those hate chili sauce, you can use other sauce la. Tomato ke, bbq ke. It doesn't care, as long as it is type of sauce. Yang ni pon gaul gak sekali. Senang citer gaul je sume2 tadi tu. Heheheheh.
So the result for my recipe:

Ini la hasilnye. Even the pics shows it not delicious but the real it is delicious. Hehehe. Tryla. You must eat this with air sejuk sebab skang ni tgh musim panas kat negara kita. Makanan panas dgn air sejuk la kn? Xgitu?
Actually, recipe ni for those yg malas je and for those yg xtau nk mkan apa mlm2 cmni. It's not good for people that on diet. Gemok ar korng mkan benda ni. Hehehehe. Really not good health. One more thing, nk makan kena guna sudu besar macam dlm gamba. hehehhe. Baru best! Selamat mencuba!

P/s: at the end of this entry, i almost finish my dinner. Yummy! the nugchesead thing is nugget+chesdale+bread. :P

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