Day 37:: Robot rawwww!

By saya_iza - April 08, 2011

Assalamualaikum! Yeah, finally got time to write something here. It's been a very busy week kot. hahah. Aku pon xtau ape aku buat minggu ni. Ape ek? Erm. No test, no assignment to pass up. Erm, owh yes. Got too many seminar(only 2 actually, ckp nak gempaq :p) and also presentation of my assignmant. Tiredla jugak. 
So today, i have done my robot things. All the parts dah sambung comel2. Credit to my group member. So this are the results:

Setelah berpenat lelah, akhirnye berjaya jugak siapkan robot nih. Not totally finish actually coz lot of coding pulak nk kena ngadap after this. That part gonna be hard la kot and i have to ask my Mr.BF for help la jawabnye. Heheheh. Xpekn? Xpekn? Hehhehe. 
So itu aje nk share. :P Last night got bbq with my coursemate tomorrow i will update the pics. Ok then. Da~ Assalamualaikum.

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