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By saya_iza - April 27, 2011

I'm toooooooooooooo bz to write here. My final exams already started. I'm worried but tried to be cool enough. I don't know if I can remember all the things that i supposed to remember. But i tried to remember it all. So la bz. Two papers already past but I don't know if can get A for it (sigh). I have tried my best to answer all the questions and to pushed myself to remember all theories and steps. Last step for that two papers only 'TAWAKAL' because I already 'DOA' , 'IKHTIAR' and 'USAHA'. Now I have to focused on another 3 papers which is mostly theory and I have to remember again. Clean up my brain and put some new notes. Hahaha.
Ok la, that's about my exams (try to be chilled). People always said about sincerity. Do things sincerely. But there are few people yang xreti langsung to that. I do say here also to remind myself. I agree, sometimes I do the same things. But let say la, macam mana pulak if this person always complain itu tak kena, this is wrong. that is wrong also, bla bla bla because dia kena buat (means macam membebel la). But at the same time, dia pon buat benda salah yg dia dok bebel2 tuh. What kind of people should we call this? Yes, somestime I do membebel bila terpaksa doing something but at least don't let it. Keep it by our self. Not goodla klu macam tuh. Kita buat kerja biarla ikhlas. Maybe itu cuma dugaan, klu kita membebel tu, kita xnak trima dugaan ke? Nak salahkan takdir? Think of it and think again (you too IZA).
Ok la, that's all for today ceramah section. Hahahah. Assalamualaikum.

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