Day 46:: All about intern

By saya_iza - May 16, 2011

Assalamualaikum! Ok, today's entry gonna be very long entry ever. Yeke? Xtaula la lagi. Hahaha. Since before i reg for my intern lg dok nk citer sal tempat intern tapi xciter2. So today is the day. Starts from the day that i went for survey the place my intern were located (ape benda english ko ni iza? who cares!):

At this time, aku cam dh nervous. Biar betik, jalan sket punye sesak. Cmnela hari2 mendatangku. But, not really is la, ok je aku gi intern ari2.

Above pic is my intern place. Hahaha. Not the big building is ICMic, only few room, not few la many la jugak in that building ada ICMic. Tipah tertipu. No wonder there is no sign board for that company on road.

Singgah flyover kat Putrajaya, abh plak excited amik gambar. Mak malas nk layan. Aku layan kan je la.

Co-driver abah. Hahaha. (I was thinking, how i gonna remember all this path)

Ok, that was before I reg as a trainee at ICMic. This one after i registered:

This is my very-the-simple tag. Trainee je ok? Ye la, You just doing your intern kn? Hahaha.

This is one is air pancut yang kadang2 tak memancut pun. Hahaha. Idk why. Don't ask me.

Now is the faces of a working woman (woman? working? what?!):

Hahah, lawak gila la my face. Muka pekerja yg sgt berdedikasi. Hahaha. Don't care! 1st and 2nd not remember when, but the last one is today pic. Off to work sampai tertinggal hp kat rumah. Too excited driving by my own to work. Hahah. Okla, that's all for today! Nite!

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