Day 47: Best day!

By saya_iza - May 28, 2011

Assalamualaikum. It's been awhile. Quite lazy nak update blog. Balik keje penat. Nak pikir assignment lg. Watching movie lg. Hahahahh. So straight to the point, just wanna share my week. This week paling free skali. No presentation, finish the assignment early. And also the best week ever! Banyak sgt good news aku dapat. Alhamdulillah. But the most best thing is hang out ngan budak2 office. Ktorang gi makan pizza hut! Sedap giler. After that kitorang gi jenjelan kat terminal. Even we got only few times, tp sempat aje nk jln2. Hahaha. Siap shopping gelang ngn brooch lg. Haaha. Best2. I really love them. Thanx korang!

 ni la girls dlm group aku

p/s: gi pizza hut try sensasi delight, cheaper kot. best!

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