Day 48: Wish-list~~

By saya_iza - May 29, 2011

Today is Sunday already. Tomorrow starts working. Boring. Not la too-boring. But still it is boring doing the work. Make me feel lazy. Just sitting in front of the pc and do all those assignment given. Yes I love designing. But not this way. Then I learn from my colleague that designing this stuff is not my type because I'm taking the computer-things. But it is the only company that accepting me to join the intern. No no. There's another one, Kemabara Impian Sdn. Bhd. But I refused to work there because of some reason. It's difficult for me as a girl to work there. But now, it's ok. I just admit what am I doing now even-though it is boring. Hahaha. Still that place give me the-best-experience-cool-enough that i can't have at any other places : FRIENDSHIP. Although all of us mostly from different university but we still can be a good friend. They teach me to laugh together, having gossip when no internet access, share secrets, hang out together. It's my first time to meet people that sincerely accept me the way i am, who still can listen to me, who still wanna make jokes with me, who still wanna be with me since I left my primary school. I haven't feel any friendship like this after enter secondary school. Yeah, at university, lots of friend but fake. Sometimes I get confused which one is the real. I couldn't find a good friendship until now. In front of me they might be the best but at one time, they stab me in the back. That's what I've learned since I started my life in university. My niece got her besties that always be there for her. Sometimes I've got jealous because I don't even have one. So, I'm just being myself and stand on my own feet. But for know I have my colleague as my friend and I love them. 

Hahahah, got too long. This is not the actual topic. Ok, I just wanna share my wish-list. Before, I already story about the DSLR-thing right? Yeah, it is in my wish-list. So there are two thing that I'm going to aim this year. There are:

SWATCH watch, above are the LADY COLLECTION series.The GENT series also nice. Hahaha. Idk how it will cost me, but I really into it. I really wanted it since I'm in secondary school but I still didn't until now because it is expensive. But I will try my best to get one. No matter what series it is with my allowance. Yeah, hope so. InsyaAllah.

So the next one is the SONY VAIO EA series. It looks cool right? Hahah. I got attracted with the colors and ofcause the PINK one. I have searched about this series. It's quite expensive but I really gonna get it for myself. I'm about to have part time job after the intern, so it's gonna help me to achieve my wish-list. But there's another thing, unless my sister wanna buy my lappy. Hope she want it. So it will really help me to get this baby. Yeah. InsyaAllah.

About the DSLR-thing, it will be before I'm graduate. So that's it. Wish me all the best. Peace! Asaalamualaikum.

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