Day 117: Final month.

By saya_iza - June 03, 2012


It's been a while. Iza sibuk sgt la so far. I have to present my fyp. Submit draft report. Huuuu. So so much work to be done. But now, home sweet home. Hahah. Last friday arrived. Feel so good to be here. Run from my stressful day in Malacca. It's been two days. Tomorrow will be back to Malaca. Still have things to be done. Final exams just around the corner. I haven't study yet. Huuuu. Will I get the same good result as before? I don't know. Just hoping that I can do my best for the last exams. 

Tomorrow I will attending an interview. Not for work, just for training. Since it is really related with my fyp, why don't i have a try. It will be an advantage. Huuuu. Scared about the interview. Hope going to be well tomorrow. I will be driving myself there. Huuuuuu. All alone. You can do it Iza!

I have so much thing to say. But i cannot express it all here. About my feeling, what i felt. I really got confused now. Confused with my heart. My mind. What should i really do now? To much thinking. I can become crazy. Allah, please help me. What should i do? What way should i choose? I'm afraid of making the wrong decision. What am i supposed to do? :(

Hope everything will be ok. Insyaallah. 3 weeks to go. Good luck iza!


P/s: Iza kene practice englishla. My english broken sgt. Camne nk gi interview klu broken? huuuu.

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