Day 146: Yesterday

By saya_iza - February 16, 2013


Hey there peeps. It's been a while. Actually I have no ideas to update about. But today I just wanna share some random things that happened yesterday. 

1) Valentine's Day

Yes, yesterday was so-called Valentine's Day that most of the people celebrate it but for Muslims it's actually HARAM. I don't have any source, but you can ask any ustaz or ustazah out there. They can explain in details. More specific and more understandable. I just an ordinary person that not celebrating Valentine's Days. Peace!

2) R.I.P

So yesterday, I read some news about a woman died in Berjaya Times Square (BTS). Died on Valentine's Day, so tragic. The news  said that the woman died after quarreled with her BF. I don't want to put any pictures of it, you can ask google about that tragedy. I just can't imagine how scary that tragedy happened. A woman fall from 6th floor. And guess what, she fall right in front of Papa John's Restaurant that I just went for lunch last week. Err. Scary. R.I.P for her.

3) Girls day out

Yesterday I went out with my nieces. Luckily we're went to MidValley, not BTS. Huhuhu. Actually nothing special happened. Just watched movie in cinema and a little bit of window shopping. I bought some stuff that I will share down below:

 What is this????? Ok, actually it is measuring tools that usually used to measure while cooking. I really love it, even though I'm not baking any cakes or cook anything. Purposely I bought this thing just because of its color. Pink!

Another thing is Pink Chocolate Bar Hand Mirror. Look at it, isn't it cute? Or not? Whatever. I just need this hand mirror because my loose powder don't have any mirror and it is quite difficult for to touch up my make up. Hahahhahahha.

One more thing is Korean Phrase Book and Dictionary. This book cost me RM20++. I actually aiming another book, but that book is more expensive than this one. I think maybe because of the colorful pages that book has. So, just to cut the cost, I choose this book. I hope I can learn something after spending RM20++ for this book. Huuu. This book quite nice. It also has colorful pages but not as much as the expensive book. But overall are just fine and quite easy to learn. 

So this are my gedik nieces that waiting for pizza at Dominos yesterday. They gray scarf one is Miza, 18 this year I guess and next to her is Maira, 15 this year, I think so. Hahha. Sorryla, I cannot remember well all my nieces and nephews because too many to remember.

And this is me with my alien face. Hahah. Why my picture like crazy? I'm using photoscape application to edit my picture and create animation as above pic.

Ok la, I think that's it for today. Nite everyone.

P/s: So awkward la bila menaip in english and iza rasa banyak giler salah grammar. Hahaha. I have to. Tak ada disiplin sebelum ni, tu yang kejap english kejap BM. Huuuu.

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