Day 153: Etude House 5th Anniversary

By saya_iza - May 01, 2013


Hey readers, how are you? I'm just fine here (no one ask..shame!). Okay, I've been busy lately with all those tender and quotation that need to be done. Until now I still have "few" of it. Ergh! Tired! But I apply leave for this next two days. Hahah! I just want to get some rest, I think almost everyday I went home past 10.00 PM. I just can't take it anymore. But even I'm staying at home, I still doing my job. Argh!!! I want to quit! No I can't. I have many things to be settle. Huuu. Please pray for my health. Hoping I can go through all this until some more few years.

Okay, I stop talking about my job. Just as the title above. Today is the 5th anniversary of Etude House. Yea! Why am I supposed to be excited? Huh? Actually they having their "Buy One Free One" sales today and of course I will be one of the participant to join the sales. Hahaha. You know what, I think I'm too obsess with this brand. It's okay, my money, my problem.

This was while I waiting in queue. So crowded, people come and go. Crossing front and my back. Luckily I came early this morning.

My pink woven bag. I just love their bag. I have the white one but I lost it accidentally. Sad. I really that bag.

Below pictures are what I bought today.

 Those are Collagen Moistfull compact powder. Those actually for my mom. I bought one for her previously and she really love the compact powder. She said the powder is too soft and smells really nice.

 Those are Proof 10 Auto Pencil. It is a waterproof eyeliner actually. I really love this eyeliner. It just nice and never make my eyes ugly. :P Those eyeliner I bought are for my sister. She ask me to buy it since she can't tag along.

Those are Lip & Eyes Remover. I never try it before. Since it is not too expensive, so I bought it. Moreover, I think I need this remover because I always wearing eyeliner and lipstick/lip tint. This should be good for me. :P

Above are, Black Head Remover Dual Sheet. After I bought it, something just came up in my mind. Do I really have blackhead? I also not sure. Why not just give it a try since I already bought it. Look nice. I will update the result after I used it.

Basically, those are everything I bought. Not too much but it cost me over RM100. Huuuu.

Since they promise to give mystery gift for those first 100 customer, I got those two stuff above. One is a box house(?) and two packet of pencils. I don't know which one is the mystery gift. Maybe both. But the house thing only for customer that bought over RM100. For those bought less than that only get the pencils. I don't know. The thing is I got the house thing. Yea! Actually this house thing, they giving it during the new launch Sweet Recipe. Finally I can have it. Hahaha.

This is how inside the box house.

There are actually quite a few things inside the box as you can see pictures below.


Skin Mal:gem sets come with Clear and Soft Cotton. Wow! This just great. I can actually test all of it. I already have my second bottle for Fresh Mal:gem toner. It is the first bottle in the picture.

This is another goodie bag inside the box. 

 Real Art Oil Cleansing. I really want to try this since it is for people who wears make up.

I also want to try this one. Wonder Pore Freshner.

Lip & Eye Remover. Same as what I bought, but this one in small bottle.

 Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam. I don't know this will suit me or not, but I still want to try.

Nail color with sweet color.

And another pack of pencils. That's it. Although I didn't bought much. But still happy with today shopping. I actually went there with my mom. She always there for me. Heee. Thanks mom!

Okay. That's all I think. In my next next next post, I will update about all those stuff that I wanna try. Bye all!


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