Day 156: Me and my S3

By saya_iza - June 17, 2013

Assalamualaikum readers!

I need to polish back my blog since I left it about few months ago. Discipline is a must!!
So today I just want to share my thoughts and opinion on Samsung Galaxy S3. Yeah, I know it's a bit lame. Hello?? Where have you been for the last 100 years? (Dialogue of mine in school drama during my secondary school. :P). People already choose  S4 la sister, why still S3? It's ok. I don't really mind.

As we all well known, S4 is much more like an upgrade of S3. There are not much different in terms of size and shape. Of course S4 is much more slimmer than S3. But the weight only 3g different. The screen also different with 0.2". The most different is the camera which S4 has 13MP at the back and 2MP for in front camera while S3 only 8MP for back and 1.8MP for front. S4 has lots of sensor also. Others I think not much different.

Yes, S4 has lot of special software which do not have in S3 such as Dual Shot, you have your photo together with the photo you take. S4 also has other specialty such as Air Gesture, Shealth and Smart Pause. I think those are the key features for S4 which people will be interested to buy it.

But why I choose S3 instead of S4? This is because at the first place I have limited budget (of course!). To be truth I really want S4 but as I listen to my Mr. BF opinion and after I do some readings, I think S3 is enough for me.

At first, I want to buy S4 because of all the features I have mentioned above. But after I think again, why do I need all those with too much higher price? My S3 has 8MP camera but the camera is much clearer compare to my old Xperia X10. The photo also nicer. This is enough for me because I'm not a person who expert on taking photo. My S3 do not have any specialty like S4 and I don't think I need them. I have try using S4 air gesture (by hand) and smart pause (by eyes) but I can't even control them and for sure I will never used it if I have it. Dual shot? Why do I need it if I can take photo from the front camera and I can be in front of the thing that I want to capture? Hahaha. Sorry if I'm bias. This is only my thoughts and opinion ok? :P

Below is my baby with her new case. ;)

I love my S3. Hahaha. Just a quick promotion, above case I bought from Qoo10. Worth it! I really love the color and the price only RM15 include postage from Korea. But the delivery will take some times.

That's it for today. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

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