Day 157: Waterproof case for smartphone

By saya_iza - June 18, 2013

Assalamualaikum readers!!

Have you heard of waterproof case for smartphone? I just know it last week and I bought it.:P I think there might be many brands out there, but the one that I buy is DiCAPac. DiCAPac or known as digital camera waterproof case is from Korea. But they have distributor in Malaysia which you can see here: DiCAPac Malaysia.

  DiCAPac is waterproof casing which met standard requirement Japan JIS IPX8 test and which is they past the highest grade of the test. Actually they not only protect camera for underwater but also for Smartphones and Ipads. You can view the product clearer at DiCAPac Korea.

Why I bought this waterproof case? Actually I will be going to Gua Tempurung in Perak this weekend! Yea! Too excited for this. I bought the case so I can bring my phone together during the expedition inside the cave. We might be facing deep water inside there, so they suggest to bring underwater case if we want to bring any camera or phone inside the cave. Will update about the expedition later.

This is my waterproof case. Pink of course! I have tried the case and it is really waterproof. I even put my phone inside to test it. So now I don't have to worry about my phone anymore during the expedition. I bought this case from, one the DiCAPac distributor in Malaysia. But I bought it online. It cost me about RM66++ after I use my first timer coupon. Really worth it. At their websites, they also selling camera from instax to DSLR. 

Can't wait for this Friday. Gathering will be at my place and I hope everything will run well. That's is for today. Thanks for your time. Good night!


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