Day 189: Dubu Dubu - Urban Korean Food

By Izaramli - October 29, 2014


Well hellow readers. Its been a while. Balik keje dah penat kan. So need some rest sampai lappy pun Iza tak bukak.

So this is about my last unplanned date with my fiancee last week. He came over to KL for meeting on Monday. Alang-alang dia dah dekat Melaka on Saturday, dia shoot terus ke KL Sunday tu. Makanya ber"dating" la kami ke Sunway. Yup Sunway again, although I already went there the day before. :D

Since he reached KL almost afternoon, so we planned to have lunch at Sunway. At first nak makan Seoul Garden yang baru bukak dekat Sunway but we changed planned sebab macam mahal la pulak kan. Hahah. Boleh je nak makan, tapi malas nak keluar duit. Then I suggested Dubu Dubu as I already tried it at Times Square last time.

This is the menu book. Memang Korea habis plus lagu korea yang dorang pasang dekat TV. Last time I ate Dol Sot Bibimbap. Memang sedap. But this time we try yang set punya. At least can try many things.

While waiting our food to be served, meroyan ber"wefie".

They served us with desert first. I'm not sure the name of this desert. But I'm sure it was tofu with lemon. Sedap! Manis + masam.

 Thanks to my fiancee who took this fat photo. Hahah. -.-"

So these are our food. The dishes are many but in small quantity. Tapi kenyang sampai ke petang. Come with Dubu Dubu Rice, Soondubu Jigae (this is some kind of soup - we choose meat), Korean Spicy Wings (but not spicy at all), Roasted Barley Tea, Banchan (known as side dishes - Kimchi, kacang panjang and taugeh), Tofu Soup and desert yang kat atas tadi tu. The food overall is just nice. Boleh masuk dengan selera Iza, cuma memang kurang masin. Chicken wings dia manis. Kimchi dia just nice. Next time nak try Toppokki pulak.

After lunch, kitorang berjalan-jalan dalam Sunway until we don't know where to go. Then we decide to get some snack. Ice cream time! It's our first time to try icer cream from New Zealand Natural.

I choose chocolate and mango.  My fiancee pulak chocolate and durian

Sempat lagi nak bergambar sebelum makan dengan ice cream masing-masing. Please abaikan kebotakan En. Tunang saya.

And myself of course.

The ice cream very soft and memang terasa betul perisa dia especially the fruit one. Taste of durian and mango dia memang superb. 

For those yang nak tengok menu for Dubu Dubu and New Zealand Natural, you guys can visit their websites and get more info from there:

So good luck and have fun!


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