Day 190: Photobook Malaysia

By Izaramli - October 31, 2014


Have you guys heard of Photobook Malaysia? In my previous post (Day 187: Free Gift for All!!) I did mentioned about Photobook promotion at Groupon. So today Iza nak share hasil kerja from Photobook Malaysia.

Actually this one is not the one yang Iza beli dengan Groupon tu. This is the one yang Iza dapat through Bcard promotion dulu.

Then they give me code to be used.

Dah lama dah dapat sebenarnye, tapi baru sekarang nak hantar.

They are really really fast. Trust me! I submitted my project file on Sunday, Tuesday dah received dah my photobook. Impressive kan? Very committed la you all. Thumbs up! :D

Their packaging memang superb. Macam sayang pulak nak buang kotak dia ni.

So this is my tiny little photobook. Size 6" x 6" with softcover.

All of it ada 40 pages, 3 choices on how to designed your photobook. I choose to designed it myself using their software not on shelf one. So I can put as many pictures I want.

But one thing that need to improve, gambar yang Iza submit most of it gelap la. Maybe my next photobook  Iza kena cerahkan my pictures kot. Baru better. But its okay. I really satisfied. Very very worth it. Harga asal RM79 tau. But with the promotion, you just need to pay the postage fee only which is RM8. Worth it kan? Sape nak bagi weh? Thank you Photobook Malaysia!:D

So, if you interested to have one hurry get the chance by buying the voucher with zero cost at Groupon:

You can visit their website to create your photobook and get more info about them:

Good luck and have fun!

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