Day 256: Love February - Free Tealive Every Year (Birthday Treats)

By Izaramli - February 09, 2018


Hello readers! Its February now. Month of love. Month of my birthday! Yeay. Receiving so much love this month and one of it is free Tealive! Yeay!

Did you know that you can get free Tealive every year on your birthday month if you register with them? Yup. You read me right. I got mine this year. Last year too and next year and next year. Happy me.

What you have to do is just register at any of their outlet nearest you and get your Uni-tea Card. It's only cost you RM10.60 and upon sign up you will get a complimentary drink. Isn't that great?

These are the benefit you will get with this card:

You have registered but you forgot to bring your card? No worries, who need cards nowadays? You can just download the app on your phone. You can scan the bar code during your purchase to get points and check your points time to time.

Look what I have there. My birthday treats! You will get 650 token for your birthday month, this means free drinks! (650 token = RM6.50) 

How to redeem your birthday token?
Just go to any Tealive outlet and scan your card. They will need you to key in your Pin number and you're done! 

I just redeem mine? My all time favorite Classic Roasted Milk Tea With Grass Jelly.

Go register now. Have a great tea!

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again!



(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by anyone. I just share what I love to you guys.)

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  1. every year kene renew card ke?
    I don't hv tealive membership sbb penah minum sekali je :p

    1. No need. Register sekali je. I was Chatime member last time, bila tukar Tealive I just replace card je and tak bayar pape pun. :D