Day 257: Re-opening L'Occitane Bangsar Shopping Centre


Hello readers! Today I got invitation from OCBC Bank to join re-opening L’Occitane at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). I never tried L’Occitane before so this can be my chance to see their product.

They have a lot in their store from body care, face care to perfume. Now I know. Haha. Previously I only tried The Body Shop product. They kinda similar but of course with different formula and benefit. 

I get the chance to ask their sales girl what’s new in their store. They have limited edition product range for February which is the Cherry Blossom Collection. It comes with shower gel, body milk, hand cream and perfume. I love the scent so much. Sweet, soft and fresh. For the perfume it quite strong but after a while the scent become softer.

They also have good range of face care. The sales girls suggest me to try their Divine Youth Oil from their anti-aging range. When I tried it on my hand it quite oily but then it absord into my skin and become less oily. I’m not sure if it going to be ok for me if I try it on my face because I have combination skin (normal to oily). But the sales girls said that it won’t be that oily when we put it on face. Sound nice but I put in my wishlist first because the price quite expensive. 

For this re-opening they also provide some refreshment for us to eat but I don’t have the chance to taste. Need to hurry while my son still sleeping. But before that I still can’t move on with thier Cherry Blossom scent so I decided to purchace their hand cream for myself. Yeay!

Well, that’s all for the re-opening and yes I got gift for attending. Yeay! Can’t wait to try all this. Smell so good too. Thanks OCBC for giving me this chance and thanks L’Occitane for the gift!!

This is what I bought for myself. Cherry Blossom Hand Cream. The packaging is too cute.

Don’t forget to head over to their store if you want to try their product too. 

Thanks fo reading. Till we meet again!



(Disclaimer: This event was sponsored by OCBC Bank Malaysia and L'Occitane Malaysia)


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