Day 258: Review - Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara


Hello readers! Happy Chinese New Year! I know I know. Already late. I was busy enjoying my holiday even though I do nothing much. Just visiting my in-law.

Well by the way lets straight to the point. So today I’m gonna review this Badgal Bang Mascara I got from HermoxBenefit event last time (Day 255: Global Unveiling Party HermoxBenefit). But actually I already tried it before that without knowing that the mascara was from Benefit (Day 253: Blind Testing Hermo Event #HermoBigBangSurprisemy).

Let’s go with the fact. This is what they said:

“This 36-hour, full-blast volumising mascara is like a set of sexy black false eyelashes...without the glue! With its streamlined brush and weightless gravity-defying formula, this matte-black mascara coats lashes evenly every time to build beautiful, bodacious looks.”

Well for me it does stay longer on my lashes but I haven’t tried until 36-hour. 😂
While for the voluming part. Yes it does voluming my lashes which it become thicker and nicer.
It is really lightweight when I compare with my old mascara that I already throw it into the dustbin. The reason it is lightweight is because they used Aero-Particles in their mascara. This aero thingy is one of the lightest known materials and usually used in astronaut spacesuits (no wonder their theme was about going to the space)

I can tell that this mascara do what they claim and I really love it. But actually the most important part is, it is easy to remove. As I always mention, I’m not a fan of mascara. The reason why is because I always struggle to remove my mascara which will take so much time. As a muslim, I do need to remove my makeup before pray. So that I will never use mascara if I can pray. But this one is the best! I can say that I use it like everyday without worrying to remove it. I can just remove it with micellar water only, I don’t even need oily makeup remover to remove it.

It comes in two size, 8.5g for RM135 and 4g (mini) for RM70. If you ask me, go with the mini. Easy for travel and you never use so much by the way (I don’t know if it’s only for me 😅).

If you guys haven’t tried it yet, get yours from below:

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again!



(Disclaimer: This is my honest review and I am not paid for this review. The product might goes well with me but might not with yours)


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