Day 260: Benefit Bigger & Badder NBA Workshop


Hello readers! I’m here again to membebel. Last Saturday I got a chance to join Benefit workshop. This workshop is only a simple workshop to share with us on how to use the new Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara.

I can’t took a lot of photos because I was picked to be their model that day.😅

Thanks Fatin for this. <3
Well overall of the workshop atleast I learn few useful tips:

1. The BadGal Bang Mascara is suggested to use up to 3 coats only. Not more than that. 

2. To apply mascara for easier way, make sure look down when applying the mascara. It prevent from the mascara to touch your eyelid.

3. Before you draw you eyebrow, comb your eyebrow first. Then you can draw your eyebrow. (Benefit promote their Brow Try-On, which you can choose eyebrow that perfect with your look. You can check out their website.)

Unfinished eyevrow. :D
Our pretty National Brow Artist for Benefit Malaysia, Shanice Yong
At the end of the session got quiz which who can answer the question will get some sample from Benefit. Not to forget all participant will get doorgift as well.

Queuing up for the doorgift

Did she took photo of me? Hahah.
What we randomly get for the doorgift
Catching up with friends from last Benefit event. Hope to see you guys again. <3
 Hope can join this kind of workshop again. Although it just a short workshop but it is useful.

This is the eyebrow look that Shanice do on me. But I think it's too dramatic and does not suit me well.

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again!



(Disclaimer: This workshop was handle by Benefit Cosmetic Malaysia)


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