Day 263: Boost Balm Tea Party

By Izaramli - April 04, 2018


Hello readers. Phew! Finally got time to update on this. So last last last Saturday I got a chance to join Boost Balm Tea Party at Aseana Cafebar, KLCC. Thank you so much Sharezma for this invitation!!

Well, Boost Balm is new brand and just launch their baby which is Peagasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream. This cream act as primer to protect skin from chemical inside your makeup and as barrier cream to heal your skin problem.

The table setting were so nice and have my name together with my husband but yeah it’s a girl thing and he don’t bother. He rather bring our baby to playground and play with him. Hahah.

Boost Balm feed us well with delicious traditional food which I really love. It was really nice to have this kind of sharing session.

The founder a.k.a Sharezma shared feedback from their customer and how they love the product so much. She also explained to us the benefit of this Skin Barrier Cream and how we supposed to use it.

Boost Balm also gonna launch another new product which is related to cosmetic line, the corrector, the illuminator and the bronzer. We had the chance to feel the texture of this new product. It is very lightweight and shimmering. You can start order now if I’m not mistaken.

Illuminator (Pink Color)
Illuminator (Peach Color)
Sharezma also shared makeup tutorial using their new product and the effect was the boom! She explained on how to used each of it. I got realy excited because it’s too pretty and she did applied it on my face too.

I got to know new friends too and they also excited on the new product. Hope to meet you guys again in future.

With Sharezma (Founder of Boost Balm)

Some new friends :)
Well, I can’t stay until the end of the session. Need to get back to my husband and yeah we got doorgift for each of us. Yeay! We got full size of Peagasus Blood Edition skin Barrier. I already try it and gonna review about it soon.

Can't wait to review this
Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


(Disclaimer: This Tea Party was sponsored bt Boost Balm)

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