Day 264: Stop Polution On Your Skin Event By Yves Rocher


Hello readers. So last Wednesday I got the chance to join an event organized by Yves Rocher. Thank you so much Tammy for giving me this chance and thanks Yves Rocher for having me. Feel so honored to join this kind of event.

Well basically this event is about Yves Rocher new product which is the Elixir Juenesse. This product range was created for anti-aging and anti-pollution skin. As we all know that aging can be cause of pollution and exposure of sun. Because of our hot and humid country, this product range could be the perfect match for us.

The main ingredient in this product range is Aphloia. What Aphloia can do to the skin? Well it can do self protection and self reparation but with the Natural Assimilation Technology (NAT), the botanical beauty have created Overconcentrated Aphloia Extract which can penetrate deeply into skin and ASSIMILABLE by skin. This Aphloia is from Madagascar and the Madagascan supplier helps to respect the environment by preserve the resources. Yves Rocher aslo take part respecting the environment by using eco-design plastic bottle, eco-design glass jar and cardboards from sustainably managed forest.

At the event we got to tried each of the product and I kinda love it because all the product felt really refreshing when I applied on my hand. The most important thing is that the product absorb super quick guys! I’m sure I’m gonna love this product because I love love love quick absorb product. Well you know, I have combination skin which my skin gets oily at certain time. So when I'm looking skincare I will always looking for product that can absorb quickly so that my skin doesn't feel too oily.

We were serve with very good and healthy food by La Juiceria Superfoods. Before the event start we can pick many kind of salads as appetizer. I didn’t know that salad can be this so delicious. So do the green juice. When I saw the ingredients, I’m quite suprise because most of it are vegetables but the juice taste so good! For lunch we got to choosed from selection of food they had prepared. For mine I choosed Mini Fride Rice Quinoa which is so good too.

During the event I got to know new friend too and she kinda help a lot taking photos for me. Thanks Zehan! And that’s all of it. 

At the end of the session all us got goodies bag and we got full size of some of the product. I really can’t wait to try all of it! Stay tuned for my review.

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.



(Disclaimer: This event was sponsored by Yves Rocher)


  1. ok tak products dia?
    nnt bolela i try

    1. product dia ok. yang best sebab tak ada harmful ingredients.


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