Day 265: Review - Tartiest Pro To Go


Hello readers! So today, I’m gonna review some makeup that I bought last few months. I know I’m not an expert but this is just my honest review ok?

I bought the Tartiest Pro To Go set which this set contain an eyeshadow palette, a mascara and a lipstick (or lip gloss maybe). So this brand is consider as high end brand because of their price are not cheap. I won’t really go for high end product because I know I’m not really good doing makeup but this set is an exception.

Tartiest Pro To Go Eyeshadow Palette

I really wanted to try Tarte product because they are known with their good color pigmentation. I can’t lie, the eyeshadow palette  are super pigmented. The eyeshadows are really soft and easy to apply. I am brave enough to try this because it only have basic colors which I can play around for everyday makeup. I really love the eyeshadow palette. The only thing that disturb me is the smell, this eyeshadow have smells of vanilla which should be nice but I don’t really like it. But the smell will gone after few seconds.

Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara

You know, after using the Badgal Bang mascara from Benefit I never tried other mascara but this one is good too. This mascara can make my lashes look longer. Really easy to apply for both above and lower lashes. Unfortunately I can’t love this mascara as much as the Benefit one because this mascara easy to smudge. I don’t know why, but each time I applied on my lower lashes the mascara always smudge without I’m touching my eyes and my eyes will look like panda and really ugly. Like I just cried and my mascara ruin everything. So this part will lost so much point from me.

Tartiest Glossy Lip Paint In Wcw (Berry)

This lip gloss is nice. The color is pigmented. But quite difficult to apply because the texture of the lip gloss is quite thick. If you’re not and expert you can always spread the lip gloss with your hand which I always do. It is different with lipmatte that I always wear. I can’t estimate how much should I put on my lips. This lip gloss not to glossy for me and the color is quite pretty too. So I’m just gonna love it.


I think this set is worth set to try if you wanted to try high end makeup brand  which not cost you so much. You can get 3 items in one box. All of it comes in travel or mini size, so it is easy to bring it everywhere. In future I might purchase other palette too. Owh

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


(Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored by any party and this is my honest review.)


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