Day 267: Review - Boost Balm Skin Barrier Cream (Pegasus Blood Edition)


Hello readers, I’m back. Just to let you know that my previous post was deleted accidentally and I need to write it again.

I was given Boost Balm Barrier Cream to try on during the Tea-party I attended last time. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks in a row and on off after that (because the cream almost finish already).

What they claims

This cream can do 3 things:

1. Primes
“Makeup stays for more than 10 hours post application! Fills pores, 100% natural & suitable for Oily, Dry and Combination skin”

2. Protects
“Patented technology of film forming invisible mask once applied. Creates a breathable film on your skin so any cosmetic products applied above it will adhere to the film and not your skin! So you now need not worry about NOT wearing makeup products due to sensitive skin, as it will not have direct contact with your skin!”

3. Heals
“Protects and Repairs: Rich in Anti-ageing properties such as Phytosan K a stem cell technology derived and extracted from soy stem cell to protect the skin from UV-RAYS, repair damaged skin and to prevent or reverse premature ageing.”

My review

It did a good job. To be honest, my skin gets oily easily especially when I put on makeup. But when I used this cream my makeup stays longer than before. I’m not sure about the 10 hours stay because I never did letting my makeup for 10 hours but I’m happy enough with the result I got.

After & Before ( 3 hours)

Before & After (6 hours)

The texture of this cream is quite thick but it really absorb quickly. I really love it. It makes my pore look a little bit fine and I’m sure it protects my skin too as I didn't notice any breakout when I’m using new makeup.

Because it has anti-ageing properties this cream really get a place in my heart. I am 29 now so I really need this kind of help and I guess my skin a bit better when using this cream. It also lighten my dark spot a bit. I hope I can see better. But all organic cream really takes time to get better result some more I didn’t use it so much because I want to save it. Haha.

I really love this cream especially when use it as primer. Hope I can have more so that I can see more result but yeah I need to buy if I want too. I might purchase in future but not now because I wan’t to try other brands too. Well you know me.
If you want to try too you can purchase from their website Boost Balm or at Parkson KLCC. Owh, by the way they got new product too. I think I wanna try later. You can always check out their Instagram @boostbalm for more update.

 Thanks for reading. Till we meet again!



(Disclaimer: The product was given by Boostbalm for review.This product my works on me but not on yours.)


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