Day 268: Sorfina Hal Meet And Greet


Hello readers. Me again. I know it's quite late to update about this but really wanted to share with you guys with this brand called Sorfina Hal. I was invited to join their Meet and Greet at Publika and I got the chance to try out their product there.

I do sell some lipstick form local brand like Breena Beauty and Kamelia Cosmetics ( I think I should do a review for both of these brands) but I never tried Sorfina Hal. When I first tried it I'm quite impressed with the texture but I think I will do another post about it for review. Yeah, I might be one of their agent soon. I already read the term and condition, just a need a few plan before I proceed.

So yeah, lets get back to the real topic. I feel so honored to join the meet and greet although I never tried their product. So basically the event went well. I got the chance to try their lippies with my friends and mingle around with other people. Thanks to my husband cause let me enjoy the moment.

I'm wearing Toman Terra
Credits: Photo from Sorfina Hal's IG

Credits: Photo from Sorfina Hal's IG

Me and my girls + Hemy (Credits: Photo from Sorfina Hal's IG)
During the event, Hemy (founder of Sorfina Hal) talked about how she begin all this and she cried cause felt so touched to see us coming that day ( I was about to cry too. Can't help myself I guess). I can see how she struggle to maintain her business and to makes people know her brand. So proud of you Hemy.

Credits: Photo from Sorfina Hal's IG

Pretty Hemy
There's also fun makeup demo session by makeup artist (I totally forgot her name). Learn something new during this session. You know each MUA have different thought in makeup so it's a good thing to learn from many MUA.

Sorfina Hal also served us with delicious foods and drinks. At least my husband doesn't feel bored while waiting and by the way I saw him got new friend too (there's a guy waiting for his girlfriend).

Last but not least we got the chance to deco our flower bouquet to bring home as a doorgift.

Thank you so much Sorfina Hal. Wish can join again in future event. About their lippies I am planning about it. InsyaAllah will carry this brand too soon.

You guys can check out their lippies below:

Instagram: @sorfinahal

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


* * *

(Disclaimer: This event was organized by Sorfina Hal and some of the photos was taken from Sorfina Hal's Instagram)


  1. waaahhh...
    byk ke procedure dia utk jadi agent?


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