Day 269: EstrellaXWaffaa Tea Party And Private Preview


Hello readers. Just want to share with you all about Tea Party that I join few weeks ago. By the way, thanks Estrella and Waffaa team for inviting me and my friend to the event.

As we arrive at the event we were surprise with the decoration that they did. All are so pretty and sweet because they choose pastel colours. Really suits with the theme which are white, nude and blush. 

The event start with the founder welcoming speech (both Estrella and Waffaa), then they got games which everyone need to participate. This was my first time to join an event that includes games. It's kinda fun way to do, at least people not just sitting and eating. We play games while eating.

This game we need to guess what she was doing.

We also play guess the song game

The crowd
To be honest I really enjoy during the event. We're not just stay as we are, we were put in group when we play the games and we got the chance to know each other.

The food that they served were good too. Not too heavy which as I said we can eat while playing the games.

For their collection preview they put it another room. We can check it out after the games finish. So here are some of collection that they with us that day.

Waffaa Lebaran Collections

Waffaa Lebaran Collections

Estrella new collections

Some Waffaa collections that they already have
That was all about the event. Thanks again Estrella and Waffaa for inviting me. Good to know these local brand. All their collections are pretty especially Waffaa Lebaran Collections. Still thinking about to grab one for myself. I think they gonna launch it tomorrow.

My always partner in crime.
If you guys wanna check their collections, you can click below links:



Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


* * *

(Disclaimer: This event was organised by Estrella and Waffaa team)


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