Day 274: Pretty Suci Meet And Greet


Hello readers! I'm back. So today Iza nak share dengan korang event yang Iza attend last week. I didn't know that Pretty Suci Meet & Greet ni gonna be like grand event sebab biasa attend workshop kat Sephora simple je. Tapi Pretty Suci punya ada few media yang datang and ofcourse ada VVIP guest jugak.

Basically event ni just to intoduce Pretty Suci yang baru being part of Sephora. Well congrats Pretty Suci to be one of the Malaysia local brand yang dapat masuk Sephora.

 To be honest Iza tak pernah try their product, so masa sebelum event start tu Iza cuba some of their product. Not bad especially foundation dia and harga dia pun tak too expensive. Good job Pretty Suci.

For your information, Pretty Suci ni start as a company that sells halal cosmetics from all over the world and now dorang dah produce their own product and it’s halal guys! So takdela risau pasal ingredient dia halal ke tak untuk bawa solat.

These are some photos during the event (by the way. I didn’t have chance to take photos of their product because I was rushing to go back after the event):

Last but not least everyone got doorgift. The best part is I got to try their lip cream! Yea! So excited. Thanks Sephora and Pretty Suci for giving me this opportunity.

Anyway to those yanf nak try their product boleh head on to:
Sephora KLCC
Sephora NU Sentral
Sephora Aeon Shah Alam

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


* * *

(Disclaimer: This event was organized by Sephora and Pretty Suci)


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