Day 275: Review - Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen


Hello readers, I’m back. Sorry semua Iza so busy dengan tender submission yang berlambak.
Weekend pulak tak ada masa sebab nak shopping for raya and attend some event. Hari ni macam
sempat pulak nak update. This gonna be a quick one.

So hari ni Iza nak review Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen yang Iza redeem points Sephora ritu. Dapat
sample size kot. Iza consider as sample size la. Dapat la pakai dalam 5 - 6 kali I guess.

What they claim:
A weightless, colorless, scentless, oil-free sunscreen for face.
This SPF 40 sunscreen smoothens the appearance of pores, grisp makeup in place and leaves a
velvety soft matte finish. It is formulated with red algae extract known to protect against blue light and
infrared radiation and is perfect for all skin tones.

Apa yang dorang claim are so true guys. To be honest this is the best sunscreen yang Iza pernah try.
Seriously masa try tu memang tak rasa apa, just rasa macam pakai primer. Sebab texture dia macam
primer. Langsung tak berminyak and takde white cast jugak. Nama pun unseen sunscreen kan? Best
sangat. Tapi this sunscreen tak works dengan compact powder. Kalau korang guna foundation lepas
sunscreen should be no problem tapi kalau korang malas nak pakai foundation and rasa nak pakai
compact powder or talc je Iza tak sugget guna sunscreen ni sebab bila pakai dia akan jadi
berketul-ketul kecil macam daki. So a bit annoying kat situ sebab nak kena ada dua sunscreen and
yes ada masanya memang malas nak pakai foundation. Bukan hari-hari pakai foundation pun.

Overall Iza rasa this sunscreen is the best. Yang tak best harga dia je sebab agak mahal la jugak
harga dia, RM 134 for 50mL (Sephora) plus kita pakai sunscreen bukan pakai sikit-sikit. We supposed to apply every 2 hours for
better protection. So macam tak worth it pulak. Bagi mereka yang mampu yes boleh. But anything up
to you guys.

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again!



(Disclaimer: This is my honest review and the product I bought it myself.)


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