Day 280: My First Ever Eyeshadow Palette - Timeless By Sofwanah Cosmetics

By Izaramli - August 06, 2018


Well today I'm gonna share with you my most favourite and easy to bring eyeshadow palette which is also my first ever palette that I used before I start to used other brand. Have you heard Sofwanah Cosmetic? Actually Sofwanah ni MUA, so she did a lot of makeup and she produce 2 palette that can be used by all generation of people. Haaa nampak tak kat situ? It's actually because of all colors that she produced were all easy for beginner to expert.

How did I know this brand? Ofcourse la sebab Iza follow dia dekat Instagram. She is kind of person that loves to talk. So Iza kadang-kadang terhibur dengan celoteh dia and I got to know that she have produced eyeshadow palette. Memandangkan Iza ni entrepreneur and my bussiness is always related to makeup thingy so this is a chance for me to try too. Masa tu Iza hanya guna lip cream for eyeshadow guys. Berbekalkan modal yang I ada I join her team to be an agent. Maka bermula la episode guna eyeshadow palette.

The eyeshadow palette called Timeless. Have two different range of shades called Allure (Pinkish) and Demure (Brownish). For me, I love both!

For beginner like me both palettes are really good to try on. The packaging is small and light enough for you to bring for travel. Just it feel cheap because it made of plastic. But I understand the purpose of it is for easy to bring anywhere you go. You know what, I can put both palette in my makeup bag just in case. Hahah. Both palette comes with eyeshadow brush, so you don't need one. The brush provided is good enough for beginner. This palette also come with wide mirror so that you can easily use it when you do your makeup.

All the colors are so pretty and easy to mix. As I know Sofwanah takes so much time think of the perfect colors that can match with everyone for every occasions.

Color pigmentation I won't say much. All the colors are so pigmented and easy to blend. Overall, I really love both palette. I really recommend for those who looking for palette to begin with. Unfortunately Iza tak ada gambar that can show to you guys how I create look with both palette. But its ok, you can follow my personal Instagram to see. I use both palette like almost everyday.

Owh not to forget, Sofwanah Cosmetic will launch their own lipcream and brow pencil soon. Tak sabar pulak nak tunggu yang tu.

Anyway, you guys can buy the palette from me (my IGshop) here:

Instagram: Truly Adonia
Price: RM95.00/each @ RM180.00/combo

Thanks for reading. Till we meet again.


* * *

(Disclaimer: This is my honest review and the product is not sponsored by any party)

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